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Large Pies - Savoury

All our large savoury pies are hand made from the finest ingredients, using tender best quality meats supplied from local first class approved suppliers.

Each savoury pie is 2kg and 10-inch in diameter, available either as an uncut pie or pre-portioned by eight portions of approximately 250 grams in weight.

Our savoury pastry is made from a secret family recipe which, when defrosted and reheated in accordance with the instructions, returns to a beautiful crisp freshly baked texture.

A portion of Steak and Guinness Pie

Steak & Guinness Pie

A portion of Chicken and Bacon Pie

Chicken and Bacon Pie

Savoury Large Pies 2kg

Welsh Beef & Mushroom in Ale Gravy

Welsh beef, braised with onions, carrots and mushrooms in ale gravy.

Chicken, Ham & Leek

Tender strips of chicken and diced ham in a creamy white sauce.

Chicken & Bacon

Tender pieces of chicken, bacon pieces, onions and mushrooms in a delicious chicken and red wine gravy.

Chicken & Mushroom

Tender pieces of chicken in a creamy sauce with mushrooms.

Lamb & Leek

Authentic Welsh recipe with chunks of Welsh lamb, leeks and a blend of garden mint.

Meat & Potato

A traditional old favourite recipe of lean beef, onions and diced potatoes.

Minted Minced Lamb

Lean mince of Welsh lamb combined with potato and green peas in a subtle and enticing background of mint.


Succulent chunks of prime British beef cooked in a rich beef gravy.

Steak & Guinness

Tender chunks of prime British beef braised in a rich Guinness gravy with onions, mushrooms and fine herbs.

Steak & Kidney

The finest hand diced steak & kidney braised with onions until tender and finished in delicious gravy.

Steak & Mushroom

Prime British beef diced with mushrooms and onion cooked until tender in rich beef gravy.

Speciality Game Pies 2kg

Game Pie

A traditional British pie of prime pieces of seasonal Game cooked in a rich game and red wine sauce.

Diced Venison

Diced wild venison with sun dried tomatoes, cooked in a delicious tomato and red wine sauce.

Wild Boar and Pheasant

Wild boar and game meat cooked with onions, carrots, mushrooms and juniper berries in a rich game sauce.

Vegetarian Selection 2kg

Broccoli & Cheese

A tasty blend of broccoli florets in a rich cheese sauce, encased in short crust pastry.

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